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Loved it

Good addition to moisturizer. Not enough on its own though.

I enjoyed the product

I enjoy this product. My skin feels smoother and my fine and deep lines (think furrowed brow) and less obvious after use. I feel like this product plumps up the skin in the areas that have deeper lines

Great product - very small amount goes a long way

Great product - very small amount goes a long way and it's very moisturizing without weighing down....however, it must be paired with a moisturizer. This product alone works as a serum.

Absolutely Amazing

This product is unreal. You can literally feel your skin absorbing it as you smooth and pat it on. Your skin instantly looks revived, calmed, and plumped. I used 1 & 1/2 pumps to completely cover the face and neck, and it absorbed 100%. Literally no residue left behind

Really impressed

I am really impressed by team reactivity and delivery was fast. So happy to be able to enjoy French beauty products while in US. 🙏🏾

Perfect for Oily and Combination Skin

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Anti Aging

Anti Wrinkle


  • A key ally for acne-prone oily skin and a genuine purity concentrate of active essential oils, this serum works at night when the skin is particularly receptive in order to offer a triple effect.
  • PURIFYING EFFECT: the skin is purified and cleansed.
  • ANTI-IMPERFECTION EFFECT: there are fewer imperfections.
  • ANTI-OPEN PORE ACTION: tightened pores and a refined skin texture.


  • In the evening, after cleansing the skin, apply the Serum Purity. It replaces the night cream. Not for use by women who are pregnant or nursing.


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Night Serum for Acne prone Skin

Restore the Skin Protection

serum evening purity phyt's

Clinically tested

With its balancing properties, it quickly restores the skin’s original clarity for healthy-looking skin.

Reduced blemishes : 80%**
Tightened pores : 90%**
Healthier skin : 80%**

**Satisfaction test carried out among 20 adult female volunteers aged between 18 and 70, with combination or oily skin and with blemishes on the facial area. Applied once a day in the evening to the face and neck area for 21 days.

Origin of the Product

Serum Purity evening

phyt's cosmetic



Phyt's was created in 1972 by a biologist and naturopath along with a beautician with the aim to create a natural brand designed to beautician.

Phyt’s aims to stay true to its origins and values:

- pleasure,

- effectiveness

- respectful of both people and the environment

- privileged partnership with beauty professionals safety.

Olibanum Incense, Rosemary* and Cypress*, Petit Grain*, Camphor, Lemon*, Thyme*, Cinnamon* and Lavender*

Buy PHYT’s Purete Serum for Your Oilyskin Type

A genuine purity concentrate of active essential oils, this serum for oilyskin types delivers nourishment to your skin. Ideal for fighting the formation of imperfections and tightening pores, the serum restores a skin’s original texture. Leaving your complexion looking visibly healthier, clearer, and purified, the serum works best at night when your body is the most receptive. With your skin repairing and healing itself during your resting period, the serum promises you a triple-effect. Made in France, this product has a purifying, anti-imperfection, and anti-open pore action on your skin. Fused with balancing properties, the serum enhances the texture of the skin on your face, décolletage, and neck. A replacement for a night cream, use the serum after cleansing your skin.

We, at MA French Beauty are known for stocking non-toxic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free skin care products that heal you. Made with soothing and calming ingredients, PHYT’s purete serum provides you the ultimate nourishment.

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