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Ethical beauty oils that are healthy and effective as well as “light”, containing everything the skin needs with nothing more and not too much, make it possible to maintain youthfulness and preserve our health. Products adapted to the skin’s needs, depending on age, sex and wishes!

In order to meet expectations of better softness Estelle Piron, the founder,  incorporates a new beauty routine: application with a “fresh”, massaging roll-on!

This packaging is ideal for protecting the ingredients from oxidation, using only the desired dose and targeting certain areas better. It is a perfect match for the sought-after values of simplicity and eco-responsibility.

Travel “light” as it is practical packaging and takes up little space!

The design of the packaging, inspired by aboriginal art, is the image of the creator’s values. This Australian art, so very creative yet simple, so characteristic of Man’s attachment to nature, symbolises EPICOSM’s identity.

EPICOSM is an alliance between a specialist in anti-ageing’s knowledge of the skin, expertise in development, medical ethics and the need to return to basics, naturalness and transparency.

100% active compositions, without unnecessary diluent water…. with everything the skin needs, with nothing more… and not too much! An oleo-serum is enough to moisturise, nourish, protect and regenerate the skin, without changing it.
At home or when travelling, take care of yourself with just this one product!


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French pharmacy Epicosm press

Epicosm press French pharmacy

Epicosm press French cosmetic

Epicosm oil for dehydrated skin

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