Our Story


Founder of Ma French Beauty


Sarah is a french woman living in New Jersey. She worked for several years in the beauty industry in France travelling in more than 40 countries to share her knowledge in cosmetic ingredients and to understand how women's expectation have evolved through time.

When Sarah moved to the USA, she decided to share the best french products she came accross along with her vision of beauty : natural, simple and efficient.

Ma French Beauty was born.

Start your journey towards natural beauty & self acceptance

Mother of 2 daughters, Sarah was troubled when one of them claimed that she needed makeup to feel beautiful. While it could be taken as a innocent request, it reflects the mindset of millions of women and is currently passed on to the next generation.

We want to inspire everyone to self-love and to taking care of their soul, mind, and body, as they all add up to the unique human beauty. We want to encourage everyone to cherish their natural beauty and feel great in their own skin. We all deserve to feel healthy, feel nurtured, and feel beautiful at all times.

To achieve that, we share simple french skincare routine to learn how to take care of yourself by accepting who you are

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

- Coco Chanel

Our Values

We only work with brands that respect the highest level of safety. All of our porducts have been tested dermatologically and have followed rigorous choice of ingredients.  

We think that the products we are purchasing reflect our beliefs. In that regards, we emphasize on cruelty-free, natural and vegan ingredients.