The importance of staying traditional

Everything started in the 1970s when Dominique and Rosine Dauge, farmers who settled in their family owned estate  at the entrance of the village of Fontevraud L’Abbaye, were looking at that time for an additional business in another sector than agriculture and got to meet André Chapuis, a chemist specialised in soap making from the Cher region.

To become herself an expert in soap making and to continue the unique know-how work of this soap making « master », it took Rosine years of learned and applied practise, ingenuity, patience and strength. Today, it’s her daughter Hélène who is in charge of the company.

To conserve accurately this unique know-how of soap production, they both shaped this small family run business and gave it a modern future. The business developped and flourished by integrating the requirements of the cosmetic industry in order to continually propose high quality products derived from 100% vegetal origin.

Everything is chemistry, starting with our body. - ANDRÉ CHAPUIS -