The Story

Les huilettes is the alliance of Pascale's convictions - Doctor of Pharmacy and Aromatherapist - in search of efficiency, quality and the global awareness of Claire's cosmetics industry.

Pascale is Doctor in Pharmacy and holds a university degree in aromatherapy. After many years in conventional cosmetics, tired of greenwashing, inspired by nature and the richness of its plant resources, Pascale felt the need to offer totally natural treatments. Different experiences helped her discover various beauty rituals and little by little, she wished to return to a simpler beauty, essential and without artifice, summed up in a few principles and gestures.

Convinced that the appearance of women can not be dissociated from their emotions and convictions, they believe in a new approach to beauty.
They propose another way to live its beauty through 100% active organic formulas resulting from the synergy between the purest essential oils and virgin vegetable oils hand picked for their efficiency and sensoriality.

welcome to A new vision of cosmetic where each ingredient is active


Les huilettes press french cosmetic

Press Les huilettes french cosmetic

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Les Huilettes oil french cosmetic

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Les huilettes press french pharmacy

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