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Who is MAWENA Paris?

MAWENA Paris is a french brand 100% natural created by Helena Mendes and it means "I am seen as I am" in West African dialect.

Each MAWENA's product makes no compromise between efficient and safety. Thus, there is absolutely no place for suspect, controversial and / or unnecessary component. Including no synthetic dyes,artificial preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, triclosan,EDTA, palm oils, PEG, phthalates, GMOs, alcohol, gluten, perfume…

Vegan, Natural, Organic & Cruelty-free

Is it necessary to specify that the brand is fiercely opposed to animal testing and that it also undertakes never market its products in countries that still impose such practices.

Thus rid of all these components, the formulas high performance MAWENA can fill up with beneficial active ingredients.

Because she loves more than anything to take care of the people around her, Helena imagined recipes that are inspired and constituted by nature. A nuancethat makes all the difference, especially as the luxurious Mawena treatments cancount up to 25 active ingredients so that the skin can get everything it needs.

Complex formulas that prove that organic cosmetics no longer have to envy to conventional cosmetics. No need to choose between naturalness and efficiency,neither between sensoriality and rigor, thanks to these universal formulas andfederators who have no other vocation than to help all women tofeel in harmony with themselves.

"For each product sold, $2 is distributed back to the mayan community"

Women Beauty from the World

MAWENA was founded around a natural active ingredient secretly kept by Mayans Women for generations. During a trip to the region of Chiapas, Helena spends a long time in a mayan community. Over the weeks, they build a relationship of trust. There, a sharing of traditions and a game of transfer of cultures spontaneously sets up. Later, they share with Helena and her sister what centuries have left them as legacy, cooking secrets,secrets of women also like this miraculous bark of Mimosa tenuiflora which they have been using from generation to generation. Once back in France, Helena decides to analyze the sample given by the mayan women. A few weeks later, the researchers contact her explaining that despite the thousandsof cosmetic active ingredients registered in their basic, they never encountered this plant. And that it turns out that it is incredibly rich in active molecules. Mayan women were totally right, this bark does have some sacred thing!

Helena then helps Mayan women (which until then lived mainly from the sale of fruit and potato on the edge of the road) to federate together in the form of a cooperative. She agrees to buy them this plant - at a price always higher than that of the market - in order to allow them to develop
their knowledge fairly and equitably ancestral. We also find their faces on Mawena packaging, as a hyphen between two worlds so distant but yet more connected than ever.

MAWENA Paris: Selection of natural & Organic French Beauty products

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