Oily First time routine

First time skincare routine for oily skin

First time can be a little bit scary, we do not know what to do nor how to do it. Whether it is because you realized that taking care of your skin is getting real and important or because you saw that your skin changed in a way you disliked and you thought it was time to do something about it: CONGRATULATIONS, you have made the right choice.

Adopting a skincare routine as early as possible is key to prevent aging signs. But it requires to start by the right routine and the right products.

Do not worry, we got you covered !

We are going to cover each step of a simple first time skincare routine for oily skin to make sure you start by the right foot and actually enjoy it. As you start your amazing skincare journey, remember that, like many things in life, consistency is essential.

Recommended First time Skin Care routine: Oily Skin


Overtime, the quality of the sebum can degrade and leads to inflammation or acnee. Very important to start by cleansing the impurities twice a day with an astringent cleanser.


Due to dead cells and impurities, Oily skin needs to exfoliate their skin slightly more than the rest of skin type. You can start by once or twice a week,always during your evening routine.

Protective mask

After exfoliating, make sure to apply a protective and hydrating mask. The skin bareer being reduced, the active ingredient of the mask will penetrate deeper in the skin for a better efficiency.

Moistuizer - Sebum control

Oily skin does not mean hydrated skin. Actually some oily skin condition can be due to dehydrated skin (the skin compensating by secreting more sebum). Make sure to apply a moisturizer to refine your pore and mattify.


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  • A purifying micellar solution that removes impurities and makeup from oily skin.
  • Micelle cleansing molecules respect your skin’s balance while removing impurities from the face and eyes.
  • Patented formulas and ingredients are specially designed for sensitive skin types.
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  • A gentle, purifying gel that helps to visibly minimize the appearance of irregularities and cleanses oily skin.
  • Sebium uses the Fluidactiv® complex to help visibly minimize the look of pores. Its Foaming Gel delicately purifies your skin. It guarantees good skin and eye tolerance.
  • Perfectly suitable for oily and shiny skin, this soap-free cleansing base can also be used as shaving foam. Ideal as morning cleanser


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  • Perfect for oily skin. It provides a gently enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation.
  • Purifies skin with impurities and dull

Application area

Mechanical method: apply by light massages on damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with water.

Enzymatic method: apply in a medium layer on dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse with water

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  • Peeling Scrub perfect for combination to oily skin
  • Natural and Organic, it provides a gentle exfoliation whitout dehydrating the skin
  • Leaves the skin smooth, fresh and radiant

Application Area

Once or twice a week, apply on damp skin. Exfoliate gently in circular movements. Insist on the T-zone. Rinse.

Protective Mask

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  • The Hydrating Mask instantly replenishes dehydrated skin.
  • The synergy of the plants used, known for their soothing, softening and purifying properties, offers a real hydration bath for the skin.
  • Revitalized and soothed, the skin is soft and comfortable. The complexion is fresh and radiant.

Application Area

Apply on dry skin, avoiding the eye area, and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with water or remove the excess with a cotton pad.

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  • SOS response to sensitive skin, fresh, fragrance-free, instant decongesting and soothing mask.
  • Redness is reduced and skin less sensitive. Perfect for aggressed skin or after exfoliation
  • Restored moisture, softness and comfort.

Application Area

Apply thick layer 1 or 2 a week to facial, and eye contour area. Leave on 10 minutes then gently remove with cotton pad. Can also be used with thin layer as night cream.

Moisturizing - Sebum Control

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  • Suitable for oily skin, it helps to visibly minimize the look of pores It also contributes to visibly refine texture.
  • Thanks to its powdery effect, our skincare spreads out easily, without interfering with foundation.
  • It makes for an excellent base for uniform makeup that is exempt of visible pores. Upon application, pores seem less visible.

Application Area

Apply on a cleansed skin. Use it on the whole face if your skin is oily.

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  • Targets three types of imperfections: shiny skin, open pores, and spots.
  • Sebum-regulating, it normalizes oily skin by reducing excess sebum production, whilst also hydrating in order to ensure a matte appearance. Unsightly shiny areas disappear, the skin is less oily.
  • Day after day, imperfections are lastingly reduced. The skin is again comfortable and radiant and the complexion is even and healthy.

Application area

In the morning and evening after cleansing, apply the cream to the face and neck area.

"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on

good skin care, you really won't need

a lot of makeup."

- Demi Moore