Oily Evening Routine

Evening Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

During the time, your skin actually absorbs the nutrients contained in your beauty products better than the day as you are usually wearing make up during the day. Your skin can breathe and the products have more chances to penetrate the skin bareer.  

Some care must be done only during the evening routine like exfoliant. There is no external factors risking to aggress the skin so you can get rid of the dead cells without damaging your skin's ability to defend itself.

Those are the reasons why the nigh skincare routine is extremely important.

We suggest a complete skincare routine here to make sure to refine your pores, reduce the shiny effect, keep your skin moisturized and prevent aging signs.

Eye Makeup Remover

It's super important to make sure that you're removing all of your makeup at night so your skin has a chance to breathe and take in all the nutrients that you're putting on..

Facial cleanser

Oftentimes, you may find that one round of cleansing isn’t enough—which is why you might want to consider double cleansing as part of your nighttime skin care routine for oily skin


Due to dead cells and impurities, Oily skin needs to exfoliate their skin slightly more than the rest of skin type. Exfoliate once or twice a week during your evening routine.


The exfoliation reducing your skin bareeri it is therefore the perfect moment to apply a serum. The active ingredients will penetrate more easily and offer a much better efficiency.

eye care evening oily skin

Eye Care

The eye contour skin is the thinnest of your face. The first aging signs usually appear there. You must therefore always keep a moment for it in your skincare routine.

evening moisturizer oily skin

Night Moisturizer

All skin types need to use moisturizer—and that includes oily skin. If oily skin becomes dries out because you skip out on using moisturizer, it might compensate by producing more oil, which can leave you looking overly shiny

Products Selection for Evening routine - Oily Skin

Eye makeup remover

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  • Water-based formula gentle for the sensitive area of the eyes
  • It efficiently removes eye make-up without stinging or irritation, leaving the eye area cleansed, calmed and soothed
  • Perfect for contact lens wearers

Application area

    • Apply a few drops of Eye makeup remover onto a damp cotton pad. Place the pad on the eye area for a few moments to allow the product to penetrate and break down eye make-up. Then gently wipe to remove eye make-up. To complete the cleansing process, rinse eye area with water.

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  • Delicate elixir to remove all traces of makeup on face and eyes
  • Eliminates excess sebum and oily impurities
  • Protects the natural hydrolipidic film

Application Area

Massage on dry skin in circular movements. On contact with water, the texture transforms into a light milky emulsion, easily rinsable with water. Massage again to perfect make-up removal. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Facial Cleanser

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  • The second stage of the Anti-Ageing Cleansing Ritual,
  • Cleansing Perfecting Foam refines skin texture, smoothing out wrinkles while intensively cleansing and oxygenating the skin.

Application area

Every evening, ensure skin is dry or has had Remarkable Cleansing Oil applied. Then put on Cleansing Perfecting Foam using circular motions from your chin up to your forehead, then descend to your neck before rinsing off with fresh water.

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  • A purifying micellar solution that removes impurities and makeup from oily or combination skin.
  • Micelle cleansing molecules respect your skin’s balance while removing impurities from the face and eyes.
  • Patented formulas and ingredients are specially designed for sensitive skin types.

Application Area

Sebium H2O can be used once or twice a day, seven days a week. First, soak a cotton pad with the micellar solution. Use it to gently cleanse your skin and/or remove makeup from your face and around your eyes. Re-apply the micellar solution until the pad becomes clean. No rinsing needed: your freshly purified skin is ready for the next step of your skincare routine.


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  • Improves the appearance of irregularities, thanks to the Fluidactiv® complex
  • Sebium Exfoliating Gel cleanses, mechanically exfoliates using perfectly spherical microbeads
  • Exfoliating, purifying skincare which improves the appearance of skin.
  • Its double-scrub effect seems to refine skin texture appearance and unclog pores

Application Area

Sebium Exfoliating Gel can be used once or twice a week, alternately with Sebium Foaming Gel. First, moisten your skin, then apply Sebium Exfoliating Gel on your face avoiding the eye contour. Massage one or two minutes, using gentle and circular motions while insisting on difficult areas. Rinse off thoroughly, then gently dry your skin

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  • Combination to oily skin

  • Gentle enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation


    Skin with impurities and dull

Application Area

Mechanical method: apply by light massages on damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with water.

Enzymatic method: apply in a medium layer on dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse with water.


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  • Repair Night Serum has exceptional anti-aging properties, brightening and rebalancing skin.
  • Skin is immediately plumped, firmed and visibly smoothed.

Application Area

Every evening after cleansing, apply a dab of Repair Night Serum to the face, neck and décolletage, avoiding the delicate eye area.

Use Repair Night Serum as a 21-day skincare treatment or as needed to boost tired skin and treat yourself to its repairing, radiance-giving properties.

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  • Treats all the problems of skin aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, blemishes, uneven skin tone, dehydration
  • Day after day, wrinkles are reduced, the skin is firmer and more plump, the complexion is even. Smooth and velvety, the skin is luminous.

Application area

Apply morning and / or evening to the face and décolleté previously cleaned. For enhanced effectiveness, use in addition to the Anti-Aging Cream or the Anti-Aging Prevention Cream.

Eye Care

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  • A refreshing, relaxing, toning mask for eye contour with a combination of Phyto-Actif Regard complex, Organic Aloe Vera and Potassium.
  • For smoother skin and bright-looking eyes.

Application Area

Once or twice a week . Apply Masque Rafraîchissant using Phyt’s technique of application with the massage nozzle, then apply a thin layer of Eyes Refreshing Mask all over eye contour. Leave on 10 minutes and gently wipe off with moist cotton pad.

Mattifying Purifying Cream - Ma French Beauty

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  • Prevents and Corrects all signs of aging; acts on wrinkles, sagging skin, spots, puffiness, and dark circles
  • Fine and melting texture that offers a gentle application
  • Day after day, wrinkles and signs of fatigue are reduced. The skin is smoother, firmer, and the complexion is even

Application Area

Apply delicately to the eye area in small touches. Smooth from the inside to the outside, going up to the temples. Then apply light pressure along the upper and lower arch. Finish with light tapping until complete penetration

Night Moisturizer

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  • Suitable for oily, combination skin. Thanks to the Fluidactiv® complex, Sebium helps to visibly minimize the look of pores It also contributes to visibly refine texture.
  • It has a double efficiency, helping to visibly minimize the appearance and mattifying skin. .
Application Area

Apply it on your whole face for oily skin


Correcteur Anti-cernes - Concealer Anti-dark Circles - Ma French Beauty

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  • addresses the problems of oily skin: excess sebum, large pores, blemishes, redness
  • this fresh gel instantly mattifies the skin without drying it
  • Its light and non-greasy texture leaves the skin soft.

Application Area

Apply morning and / or evening to the face and décolleté previously cleansed

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