Natural Beauty

"Natural Beauty does not mean giving up on makeup.

It just means that you embrace the fact that your beauty does not depend on it"

What is Natural Beauty?

Very few women, even models, feel that they can roll out of bed and have their face naturally beautiful. We look at ourselves and see slight imperfections. Then we often end up feeling a desire to cover it.

This does not have to be your story. Natural beauty is something we can all enjoy because there is no single “right” definition for it.

For some, natural beauty means waking up each day and feeling as though your skin is glowing. Others, think that it is simply to feel good. Then you have another group of women who feel that “natural” means appearing as though they aren’t wearing makeup.

All those “definitions” are true. It is all based on where you come from and how you see and feel about yourself.

That being said if natural beauty is a goal, and we believe it is an important one, those definitions wont't help much.

That is why we decided to propose our own vision and journey toward natural beauty. Obviously, there are many ways of achieving and the one we propose is one among many but at least we hope it will give you better ideas and clues than just saying "there are a lot of definitions so go find one for yourself..."

Why Natural Beauty is good?

To fully understand our natural beauty journey, it is essential to first explain why we think it is better and what we want to avoid.

If you are like most women, we remember watching our mom, aunts, grandmothers, and more putting on makeup. They made it look glamorous. It was intriguing to see the transformation take place and we couldn’t wait to become “older” to do the same thing.

Then, you get the “permission” to apply a little and feel as though we were a princess. It is an amazing day that we never quite forget. We feel so "grown" and beautiful.

We develop a habit of feeling as though we cannot show our face without makeup on. If we try to, we feel self-conscious. I would say that this feeling is even more accentuated in France where many women would not dare leave their houses without makeup at all.

It becomes a shield that we use to hide who we are. That is exactly what we want to fight and what natural beauty is all about for us: accepting that our wakeup face is beautiful and is worth being shown.

We love makeup, we love the creativity it can bring to our days, we love the colors and how it makes us feel. Do not get confused between wearing makeup and hiding who you are. A woman who wears makeup is NO less confident than a woman who chooses not to wear it.

The only questions remaining are: why are you wearing makeup and how do you feel without any makeup on ?

Our vision of natural beauty is only an answer to that question by "I wear makeup because I enjoy it but I feel just as beautiful without it"

You are naturally beautiful


when you are yourself.

What do YOU think about Natural Beauty?


I wasn't always into natural beauty, especially when i was in my early high school years. i sought out a lot of makeup options to better my looks, over time as i got older i became to find a lot more self confidence in my look and started wearing less and less to a point to where i was actually leaving the house with little to no makeup on! i feel like natural beauty is honestly overlooked in this world of today, there are A LOT of beautiful people out there who just ROCK the natural look!
I feel as if self confidence is a MAJOR play factor when it comes to being all natural, you got to love yourself inside AND out! challenge wise as i was growing up i felt like my skin wasn't in the best of conditions and wanted to hide it, in doing so i ruined my face for a LONG time, after seeking out with being more of a natural look i had some challenges such as people telling me i looked better with makeup or that i look tired or completely different, and the best way i overcame them was by
pushing through and creating a self image for myself.
What really helped was taking care of my skin and finding cleansers and products that worked for me to help bring back my skin to its formal glory. also self love and confidence definitely came in handy!


instagram client natural beauty

Well first of all, I think that if you want to look radiant instead of use highlighter you need to put attention on what your skin is asking. We need to help our biggest organ to do the functions that was made for. Like protecting us from the bacterias and viruses, the environment and the climate. So, it's very important to help as we help other organ if it hurts. The skin speak to us in terms of secretions, color and texture. We just need to see them and take responsibility for it. The skin is a way to understand what we are lacking of, take a mirror and really see it, don't cover it. See the makeup as a way of art, not as a way of a cover. We are a perfect and beautiful machine that nature has made.


Natural beauty tutorial

No fillers or overly done plastic surgery. That fresh out of the shower clean, mild hair product that enhances the hair's natural style (mine happens to be moisturizers for the high desert dryness). Minimal to no make-up depending on age. I would rather even my own skin tone at 36, than let a camera do it. A light eyeshadow and mascara both to accentuate my rare light colored green eyes. As simple as you can make it! I pretty much live in natural beauty. Once you get the look down, the routine is so quick, it's pretty hard to beat!

#1 Loving what I saw in the mirror!

#2 Intimidating Men!

#1-I won't lie, it took a lot of recited affirmations in the mirror as I would get ready. I would tell myself I was beautiful and wanted, while looking at my reflection.

#2-Took more than one man telling me how intimidating a woman with Natural Beauty & Confidence is. So I have to do most of the approaching but thats ok!