Perfect for Dry and Sensitive Skin


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Rose moringa makeup remover - Mawena

Makeup Remover

Anti Wrinkle


  • Delicate elixir to remove all traces of makeup on face and eyes
  • Eliminates excess sebum and oily impurities
  • Protects the natural hydrolipidic film
  • Free of Paraben, Phtalates, GMO, PEG, mineral Oils, fragrance, alcohool and gluten
  • Organic & 100% Natural


Massage on dry skin in circular movements. On contact with water, the texture transforms into a light milky emulsion, easily rinsable with water. Massage again to perfect make-up removal.

Rinse thoroughly with water. Finish using a washable bamboo fiber or organic cotton wipe.

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Purifying & Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Non-Greasy Feeling

Rose moringa makeup remover - Mawena

Main Active Ingredients

Virgin Kalahari Melon oil: exceptional oil from Africa regulates sebum secretion and is easily absorbed. Balancing and emollient, it restores firmness and elasticity.

Tamanu oil: An excellent skin healing product and mild analgesic providing suppleness and elasticity.

Organic Baobab oil: regarded as an all-purposeoil in Africa, Baobab has moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa oil: high in rare fatty acid: ximenynic acid. This fatty acid gives the precious oil smoothing and complexion unifying properties.

Origin of the Product

Mawena french beauty product

How to use Rose Moringa?

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Mawena beauty product



MAWENA is a French 100% natural skincare brand with a strong inspiration from Mayan ancestral knowledge. During an extended trip in Mexico in 2013,

Helena Mendes founder of MAWENA, lived in a Mayan village and discovered the miraculous Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark, a powerful active substance well known for its anti-inflammatory, soothing, protective, moisturizing and anti oxidant properties.

After 4 years of R&D, Helena was able to patent Sublime Nature to use this plant in her skincare products.

All the products are Vegan, Organic and Cruelty Free.

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mawena beauty product press
mawena beauty product press
mawena beauty product press
mawena beauty product press