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Hayeon Jin

BIODERMA - Hydrabio Serum - Hydration Booster for dehydrated skin 1.33 Fl Oz

The greatest serum EVER!

I was on accutane a few years ago and even though it really helped me, my skin is now permanently extra dry, to the point where it peels off like little flakes, specially around my mouth (gross, I know) and this serum is magic. I’ve tried a kazillion different products and this works wonders. My dermatologist recommended it to me :)

Patricia Ann
One of the Best!

It’s like a primer for your moisturizer. It is pricey compared to other products but will go a long way. It keeps my skin soft. I have an acne-prone/ combination skin and looking for a perfect product is a must.

Jeannette LPW
Great Product, I will order again !!

Feels great on my skin. Not too heavily scented and I've not had any problems with the pump. Ordering again.

My favorite Serum!

This is my favorite serum/cream. I have rosacea and this serum has helped my skin a lot. Because is quite tick and gel-like, it has helped my skin to stay moistured most of the day.

Perfect for Dry to very Dry Skin

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Non Greasy

Fresh Texture


  • A serum that targets the natural hydration process in dehydrated skin.

  • Hydrabio Serum is a concentrate with a smooth, extra-fresh texture that is ideal to replace your usual moisturizer when it is not enough. Thanks to its penetrating properties, our serum doesn’t leave a greasy film.

  • Thanks to its ultra-light texture, Hydrabio Serum makes an excellent makeup base, helping the foundation to hold.

  • Formulated three leading moisturising ingredients, Hydrabio Serum mosturizes and nourishes your skin. Hydrabio's Aquagenium also helps to reactivate your skin's natural hydration process.


For an intense, immediate and lasting moisturizing effect, Hydrabio Serum can be used once or twice a day, seven days a week. Start by cleansing your skin with Hydrabio H2O.


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Targets Dehydrated Skin

Moisturize your skin immediately

Non-Greasy Feeling

Bioderma - Hydrabio Seruma

Main Active Ingredients

To moisturize your skin properly, it is necessary to capture water in your epidermis, to improve the impermeability of your stratum corneum.

Hydrabio Serum increases moisture in your skin up to 57% within 15 minutes only, through the patented Aquagenium® complex.

It targets the skin’s natural moisturizing abilities. Thanks to an apple seeds extract, the Aquagenium® patent targets water channels; the stratum corneum seems to capture water.

Vitamin PP/B3 targets skin cohesion, while a cucumber extract helps to soothe your skin and glycerin moisturizes it.

Origin of the Product

Bioderma US

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Bioderma US online

BIODERMA US: French pharmacy expert

Biology at the service of dermatology

BIODERMA was created in the 1970s, when Jean-Noël Thorel, a pioneer pharmacist, came up with a radically different approach to dermocosmetics, thanks to his privileged exchanges with the world’s top biology and dermatology experts. He developed its first patents and established the
foundations of the BIODERMA philosophy: biology at the service of dermatology.

To fully respect the skin, BIODERMA products mimic the skin’s natural biological mechanisms

Their components and their modes of action. BIODERMA formulates its products by selecting the purest active ingredients, using molecules already naturally present in the skin, for better tolerance

To ensure the utmost dermatological safety and perfect effectiveness, BIODERMA:
only uses ingredients that are strictly necessary,
selects the purest active ingredients in the most optimal dose,
favours molecules already present in the skin.

To adapt to your dehydrated skin, our experts use essential ingredients at optimal dosage. To compensate deficiencies provoked by disrupting elements linked to your environment and/or lifestyle (climate, pollution, stress, etc.), we have designed the Hydrabio line which is tailored to such dehydrated skin. It targets the skin’s ability to retain moisture that is necessary to its balance: to take your skin back to comfort and radiance. Hydrabio Serum is a concentrate with a smooth, extra-fresh texture that is ideal to replace your usual moisturizer when it is not enough. Thanks to its penetrating properties, our serum doesn’t leave a greasy film. It seems to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It can be used alone, or in combination with a skincare as well as before a Hydrabio moisturizer, to maximize its performance. Thanks to its ultra-light texture, Hydrabio Serum makes an excellent makeup base, helping foundation to hold. Its moisturizing effect is both immediate and lasting: it softens your skin and brings back radiance.


  • D.A.F.™

    (Dermatological Advanced Formulation): With a seaweed extract and a combination of ingredients working in a mild, synergistic and complementary way, this technology contributes to improve the tolerance threshold of the skin and improve its resistance.

  • Aquagenium® Patent

    Made with an apple seeds extract (pyrus malus), this technology hydrates the skin. The skin seems to learn to hydrate itself again, as well as to capture the natural moisture that is so essential to its balance. Vitamine PP/B3 targets cohesion, a cucumber extract helps to soothe your skin while glycerin moisturizes it.

Hydrate Your Skin with Bioderma’s Hydrabio Serum

A lightweight, non-greasy formula, Bioderma’s hydrabio serum boasts penetrating properties that provide you nourishment on a deeper level. Suitable for teens and adults, this serum provides up to 24 hours of hydration. Created with a non-comedogenic and smooth consistency, the serum has a refreshing effect on your skin. With Bioderma’s years of research backing the product, the serum restores your skin’s radiance, while delivering lasting hydration. Lightly scented and hypoallergenic, the Hydrabio serum rehabilitates your skin’s natural hydration process.

Within 15 minutes, Bioderma’s hydrabio serum elevates the moisture in your skin by 57%, due to its Aquagenium® complex. Therefore, if you are tired of tight, dehydrated, and flaky skin, this silky formula can hydrate your skin, without clogging your pores or leaving behind a greasy film. Effortlessly plumping and smoothening your skin, the serum is the perfect primer for applying makeup. Sinking into your skin easily, this product alleviates any dryness while enhancing your skin’s resistance against environmental factors.