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Gentle and moisturizing

One of the best lotions I've ever used. I'm female and don't usually use regular lotions for my face, but I could if I really wanted to with this. Very happy with the way this makes my skin feel, especially with eczema! If you're looking for a really good water-based lotion this is the one.

I tried and like it so much

I was suffering from a very dry skin and one of my friend suggested this product. I tried and liked it so much that some other product will not suit my skin. This is a really a good product for the people who are suffering from dry skin.


Love this stuff. Works better than any of the hand/face lotions I've used for years. My wife loves it. My mother in law had me buy her a bottle. It's heavy enough that it lasts hours after putting it on, but doesn't have a thick or greasy feel to it. Love the stuff.

Higghly Recommend

This product is amazing for super dry skin, and it has helped with a very bad eczema/psoriasis outbreak. It is unscented and free of irritating ingredients. I recommend the pump bottle because it’s so much easier to use.

Love this lotion

LOVE LOVE LOVE this. This is the best body lotion I've used so far. I have very very dry & sensitive skin, so I don't mind thick, heavy textured lotion or cream. To me, this keeps my skin moisturized all day and very gentle to use. If you have normal to oily skin type, don't use this one.

Perfect for Dry & Sensitive Skin

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Non Greasy



  • With nourishing ingredients such as vaseline and glycerin, it softens and deeply moisturizes, from its very first application. Acting as an armor of moisture for up to 24 hours.

  • Atoderm Cream improves your skin barrier through moisturizing. With nourishing ingredients, it softens and moisturizes, from its very first application. Your skin is moisturized for 24 hours. It is suitable for the whole family.


    In a few words

    • Fragrance-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Non-comedogenic


  • Start by cleansing your skin with an Atoderm cleanser. Apply Atoderm Cream on your skin. Use it once or twice a day, seven days a week. Its soothing properties are suitable for adults as well as for children and babies.


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Protect your skin barrier & Improve Hydration

Improves the Skin Barrier

Atoderm Cream - Bioderma

Active on dryness causes

The symptoms of dryness are numerous. Causes are as great in number. Climatic triggers such as the sun and the cold affect the epidermis.

As for pollution and stress, they’re hard to avoid. Age is another important factor: baby skin is more vulnerable, whereas seniors no longer benefit from a quick epidermal renewal.

To counter this weakening of the hydrolipidic film, Atoderm Cream improves your skin barrier through moisturizing. With nourishing ingredients such as vaseline and glycerin, it softens and deeply moisturizes, from its very first application. Acting as an armour of moisture for up to 24 hours.

Origin of the Product

Atoderm Cream Bioderma french pharmacy
Bioderma atoderm creme US

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Bioderma US online

BIODERMA US: French pharmacy expert

Biology at the service of dermatology

BIODERMA was created in the 1970s, when Jean-Noël Thorel, a pioneer pharmacist, came up with a radically different approach to dermocosmetics, thanks to his privileged exchanges with the world’s top biology and dermatology experts. He developed its first patents and established the
foundations of the BIODERMA philosophy: biology at the service of dermatology.

To fully respect the skin, BIODERMA products mimic the skin’s natural biological mechanisms

Their components and their modes of action. BIODERMA formulates its products by selecting the purest active ingredients, using molecules already naturally present in the skin, for better tolerance

To ensure the utmost dermatological safety and perfect effectiveness, BIODERMA:
only uses ingredients that are strictly necessary,
selects the purest active ingredients in the most optimal dose,
favours molecules already present in the skin.

Apply Atoderm Cream on skin after cleansing and gently drying, once or twice a day.

Moisturize & Nourish with Bioderma’s Atoderm Product Range

A god-sent product for dry, atopic-dry, and sensitive skin types, Bioderma’s Atoderm cream is an ultra-nourishing product that quenches your skin with a burst of hydration. Providing immediate and lasting hydration to your skin, the Atoderm range is ideal for skin types suffering from itching and eczema. Designed with a unique patented formula, the range delivers suppleness and smoothness to dry skin. A restructuring daily barrier cream, the Atoderm range prevents the penetration of irritant elements. Suitable for babies, children, and adults, this cream is the ultimate combination of research and science.

Using molecules naturally found within our skin, Bioderma formulates products that work for and complement our skin condition, type, and texture. Known for preserving, activating, and restoring our skin’s natural processes, Bioderma’s Atoderm range uses optimal doses of the purest active ingredients, making each product dermatologically safe. Free of toxins and parabens, each product penetrates to the deeper layers of your skin, providing you lasting nourishment.

Buy Bioderma’s Atoderm Cream from MA French Beauty

A complete skin-care regime, Bioderma’s Atoderm products are ideal for cleansing your skin, washing your body, moisturizing your hands, and healing dry patches on your face. Formulated under the supervision of allergologists and dermatologists, each product balances your skin’s tolerance level. Proven to provide 20% more hydration even after 24 hours of application, Bioderma’s Atoderm cream is the ultimate treat for your face, hands, feet, and body. Enhancing your skin’s resistance to environmental stressors, the Atoderm range leaves your skin noticeably softer.