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She is the French actress known Worldwide and especially in the United States. Marion Cotillard exports the charms of France across the Atlantic. Ma French Beauty deciphers her style and shares her beauty tips with you. Success in public and private after modest beginnings in the film Taxi alongside Samy Naceri, Marion Cotillard rose to fame with, among others, a Golden Globe, two Cesars and an Oscar! An impressive career that she owes to her work and her dedication in difficult roles: "La Môme", "De rouille et d´os" ... Very secret about her private life, let's mention that the sexy dandy, actor and successful director Guillaume Canet is crazy about her! They had together an adorable little boy named Marcel, in tribute to Marcel Cerdan, the Great Love of Edith Piaf.

Let’s have a look at what makes Marion Cotillard so special.

Marion Cotillard makeup beauty


1. Look Retro


While other actresses seek to be noticed with sexy or slightly trashy looks, Marion remains true to herself, chic and understated. Her style is a bit retro, but still very feminine and glamorous. She doesn't hesitate to show off in all simplicity, jeans and t-shirt, with her son in her arms.

On the red carpet, the beautiful sometimes wears dresses, each more sublime than the next and for good reason, she is the face of the Dior brand.

 Marion Cotillard skincare secrets

2. Discreet Makeup

Marion Cotillard is all about a nude, fresh and flawless complexion, which she enhances with a light touch of blush or bronzer. She perfectly masters the codes of chic makeup and when she intensifies her gaze, she keeps a neutral mouth. She sometimes allows herself glowing lips, but then settles for a touch of mascara on the eyes.

If the actress of "La Môme" and "De rouille et d'os" has no difficulty in trying out different beauty treatments, she takes care to keep a balance so as never to fall into the "too much". This fan of lip pencils never adds an ultra-pronounced mouth (raspberry pink or sparkling red in her obviously favorite shades) to overworked eyes. Holder of superb blue pigmented irises, Marion Cotillard generally prefers to play everything on a deep look (smoky, coppery, glittery ...) to which she associates a neutral mouth or, at least, always relatively "nude". "You must always favor freshness over coverage," recalls her makeup artist.

 Marion Cotillard skincare beauty

3. Know how to change your hair style

As for the hair, we can say that Marion looked for herself. A simple ponytail in her early days, she even had to shave her head to take on the role of Edith Piaf! At one point, she tried the blonde, which suited her well, but brought out less her splendid blue eyes than her natural brown. Today, to stay in the retro glamor, she alternates between chunky curls and shiny tackles.

It is not only through her profession that the mother of little Marcel is creative. The demonstration also goes through the hair box which undergoes many variations: short, long, braided as well as wavy, platinum blonde but also auburn, and even a part of the head shaved to embody Édith Piaf. Rock, retro, yéyé, Marion Cotillard surfs all the trends.

 Marion cotillard makeup secrets


4. Only natural & Organic

A true ambassador for the planet, Marion Cotillard is a fan of natural and organic beauty products!

From red carpets to homes, the watchword is the same: ethics. Whether she is committed to Dior or Greenpeace, Marion Cotillard links her actions and her values. On the cosmetic side, it's the same thing. Guillaume Canet's partner swears by organic skincare. Many media share her strong appeal for the Melvita brand and in particular its extraordinary dry oil for body and hair.


His makeup artist since 2007, Christophe Danchaud, has embarked on this more natural business himself. Marion has been trusting him for her makeup for every big occasion eversince. We met him to try to understand Marion Cotillard beauty secrets.

 Marion Cotillard skincare secrets


Ma French Beauty: A favorite color for next spring?

Christophe Danchaud : Apricot hues. To be declined in freshness for a satin and glowy side on the skin. For example, you can put coral on the lips and combine it with peach on the cheeks. I recommend hollowing out the face with an orange blush and adding a little rose hint on the cheekbone. I use a powder blush and put the excess on the eyelid, which gives a slightly pinkish effect on the eyes.

Another option is to use a rather shiny orange lipstick to deflect on the eyes: put a little on your fingers and pat the eyelid for a wet and slightly glowy look.



Ma French Beauty: Graphic eyeliner is establishing itself as one of the spring trends. Any tips for putting it elegantly?

For an impeccable line, I recommend using small pieces of surgical tape, to be applied to the corner of the eye at the angle you want. Start at the tip by drawing your line along the top edge. When you take it off, you get a really crisp line and you just have to fill it in.


Ma French Beauty: Your tips for flawless makeup that lasts all day?

Christophe Danchaud: First, moisturize your skin well with a day cream. The water-based ones are my favorite and I love Absolution Health Cream.

Then, I think that makeup that holds is makeup that melts completely into the skin. I heat the foundation a lot, I prepare it on my hand. It is not just a matter of depositing the material, it has to be united in the satin of the skin, with the sebum. I always put the day cream a little beforehand, I really leave it on, I apply it with a light massage and tapping which helps to prepare the skin. Then, I work on the complexion, with a brush or by hand. But then again, I don't just apply the foundation: I make sure that the products penetrate well so that they permeate the skin and the complexion is unified. When it comes to powder, I prefer loose textures to compact powders that clog. I apply them with a Japanese fan brush, to create a light veil that helps to stay fresh while mattifying.


Ma French Beauty: A healthy glow tip?

Christophe Danchaud: I like to dab the top of the cheekbones with a little light oil for some shine. It gives a fresh side which I find more successful than with an iridescent highlighter.

Ma French Beauty: The secrets for glowing lips?

Christophe Danchaud: First, do a light scrub to remove dead skin and circulate the blood. You can very well use your face scrub cream if it is thin enough. Then, use the most natural cream possible, such as beeswax, to rehydrate and plump the lips. Remove excess cream before applying your lipstick. And if you want something that bangs, I suggest going with red, for example with Phyt’s Red Cherry. You can apply it directly with the grape for an immediate finish. Then take a small brush to go into the corners and have a clean outline.

I also like the trend of putting on a little red and rubbing the material to slightly flow around the lip contour: I find this "bitten mouth" effect ultra-sexy.


Ma French Beauty: The must-have multi-function product in your makeup bag to save time?

Christophe Danchaud: The concealer. I also call it Multi corrector. It's essential to hide a little bit of fatigue, hide an imperfection, get a light complexion by stretching it with a brush or even a nude mouth if you mix it with a moisturizer on your lips.

Another practical product is lipstick, which can be turned into a blush: with a concealer and a lipstick, you can have a make-up in 5 minutes. You don't even need mascara!




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