Perfect for Dry and Sensitive Skin

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Anti Spot

Purifies Spot

Drying effect

  • An intense drying local treatment, this lotion purifies spots and imperfections.
  • Thanks to Its targeted roll’on tip, it neutralises imperfections with great precision. In a few days, they are cleansed, dried and reduced.
  • The cocktail of purifying active plant ingredients in the formula contains only essential oils and selected plant extracts that fight imperfections. They accelerate resorption and favour their disappearance.


Apply to blemishes morning and evening during 4 days. Repeat once if necessary.

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Removes spots and imperfections

Non-Greasy Feeling

anti spot

Clinically tested

Accelerates the disappearance of blemishes, dries spots and prevents marks : 86%**

Reduced volume of blemishes : 41%***

**Satisfaction test carried out among 23 adult volunteers aged between 18 and 48 with oily or acne-prone combination skin and at least one inflammatory lesion on the facial area.

Origin of the Product

remove spot and imperfection

  • PHYT'S
  • Ingredients
phyt's cosmetic




Phyt's was created in 1972 by a biologist and naturopath along with a beautician with the aim to create a natural brand designed to beautician.

Phyt’s aims to stay true to its origins and values:

- pleasure,

- effectiveness

- respectful of both people and the environment

- privileged partnership with beauty professionals safety.

Mallow*, Sage*, Lemon*, Lavender*, Clove* Oregano*, Geranium*, Centella Asiatica*