Pencil Sharpener

Indispensable in your makeup bag, the ZAO pencils sharpener allows a clean and precise sharpening.
Compatible of course with ZAO's  pencils range, you could also sharpen pencils of bigger diameter thanks to its second slot.
Its tank allows a clean sharpening in any circumstances.

Dimensions: 40*38*25 mm

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    With over 10 years experience in organic cosmetics and inspired by the principle of respect to nature from the Zen and Tao philosophies, David Reccole founded the French brand Zao Essence of Nature.

    Zao was created with a vision of sustainability, a minimal carbon footprint and formulations of 100% natural ingredients from organic farming. The products are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with powerful performance that is soothing, safe and gentle to the skin.