Combination Skin

Skin Care Routines for Combination Skin

Combination skin is the most common skin type. It is also the most difficult to take care of, with its grass and dry areas. To take better care of your skin, you have to understand its needs.
Very common in young adults, combination skin is, as its name suggests, the coexistence on the same face of an oily area and a dry area. The T zone (chin, nose, forehead) concentrates the fatty zone while the driest parts are the cheeks and the temples. 

How to recognize a Combination Skin?

Combination skin is complex because it shows an imbalance. It produces an excess of sebum in the T zone, which promotes the appearance of blackheads, pimples or even acne, and lack of hydration in the cheeks, which can cause tightness and tingling, often when you get out of a hot shower.

The skin texture is irregular on the forehead, nose and chin, with large and visible pores and shiny skin, while the cheeks have a uniform and matte appearance.

How to take care of your combination skin?

Control the excess of sebum without drying out

combination control sebum

The Oily-prone skin of your T zone produces more sebum than dry skin. This overproduction leads to the appearance of blackheads and other unsightly little pimples in the T zone. The complexion is often shiny in this area. Whether to feed or clean, it is better, therefore, to favor non-greasy products. Avoid at all costs: all milks and tonics that are too astringent, especially those that contain alcohol and risk drying out part of the face, while activating the sebaceous glands of the other.

"Combination Skin are similar to oily skin, there is a struggle with excess oils, but only on your T-zone.

However, the other areas of your face tend to be dry and dull, especially around your cheeks and eye area."

Do not Forget to remove your makeup

One of the most important gestures for all skin types, but especially for combination skin, is make-up removal. Carried out carefully, it rids the skin of impurities, which tend to irritate it and cause the appearance of pimples on the T-zone. For this purpose, a foaming treatment will do the trick. Just gently rub the entire face, not forgetting the neck, rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat the skin with a towel to dry gently.

take care combination skin

Exfoliate once a week

combination skin exfoliant

At least once a week, it is recommended to exfoliate combination skin. These regular scrubs allow you to remove both dead cells that can clog the pores, but also blackheads generated by excess sebum. To exfoliate, massage with circular gestures with your fingertips, before rinsing thoroughly. It is also recommended to use a moisturizing exfoliant using AHA or chemical exfoliation.

Here to know more about exfoliation.

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